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Amanwella Sri Lanka

Located in a grove of coconut palms in front of a crescent-shaped Beach, Amanwella is a spa that offers 30 luxurious suites with a contemporary style. Each has private swimming pool and terrace, King-size bed and area seating and marvelous views of the beach or the area of Palm trees. Guests can relax on the large terrace that surrounds the main pool or on the beach of soft white sand. The coastal town of Tangalle is nearby and a short stroll reveals the lives of the people and the diversity of the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka.During the winter months, guests can enjoy swimming in the sea or a fun day of diving along the South Coast (available free diving equipment). During the summer months, the big waves make conditions less favorable for swimming but will be ideal for the surfer who want to take advantage of to enjoy their favourite sport or take some classes private surfing in one of the two nearby beaches. Suitable for all levels, surfing can be enjoyed all year round, but the best waves between May and November are.

Rooms of the Hotel Amanwella

Amanwella has 30 Suites and Ocean Suites.

Restaurants of the hotel Amanwella

Amanwella offers a main restaurant, The Restaurant, where guests can enjoy Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, the Beach Club, for lunch and dinner to the outdoors and The Pool Terrace, which serves light meals, juices and fruit. In addition, The Lounge Bar gives you the possibility to rest a drink accompanied by some tasty snacks.

Services of the hotel Amanwella

Library: The library offers a wide variety of books on history, arts, culture and wildlife of Sri Lanka, as well as a selection of novels, magazines, newspapers, audio CDs, and board games. A desktop computer available for Internet access. Babysitter: Amanwella offers free Babysitting service.

Activities of the hotel Amanwella

Spa treatment: Choose between receiving expert treatments in the privacy of your suite, in the Spa Suite or in a garden in the middle of the coconut plantation. The spa menu includes facials, massages and body treatments, and even bathrooms accompanied by a bottle of champagne or fresh coconut juice. Excursions: Village Nature Walks: Amanwella is located in the heart of the village of Wella Wathuara. A walk along the rural roads that traverse the jungle provides interesting insight into the everyday life of the people. Opportunities abound to also view the diversity of wildlife in the area including monkeys, birds, deer, lizards, rabbits and mongooses.Mulgirigala Rock Temple: located about 35 minutes north of Tangalle, Mulgirigala is a monastery perched on a high rock which rises almost vertically out of the surrounding forest. The rock was the site of an important discovery – the Tika wave sequences leaves discovered in the 19th century by George Tumor, which gave the key to the translation of one of the oldest texts of Sri Lanka, the Mahavamsa. Bundala National Park: hour and a quarter to the East of Tangalle, this area offers great opportunities for bird watching (with around 150 species recorded) and the occasional sighting of elephants and crocodiles. The salt flats attract a large number of shorebirds migratory, making this park of 6. one of the most important wetlands in Sri Lanka 216 hectares. The best time to visit Bundala is between November and March, when migratory birds in winter. The largest trees we can see monkeys gray langurs and in the jungle of weed we also find jackals, hares and deer. Uda Walawe National Park: located at 1 hour and a half northeast of Tangalle is one of the most popular national parks in the island, with a total of 30. 800 hectares in size and the edge of a reservoir. He is known for his elephants (it is estimated that you there are around 400) and bird watching opportunities. It’s an open park crossed by a river and numerous streams which makes sightings of elephants are particularly possible, in fact, can often see in herds of up to 100 or more. Other animals that can be spotted here are the spotted deer, langur monkeys, jackals, wild pigs and water buffalo. Yala National Park: located two hours Northwest of Tangalle, Yala National Park is the most visited natural reserve in Sri Lanka. Visitors travel through the Park accompanied by a crawler, observing wildlife in the parquecon part of painted storks, crocodiles, peacocks and monkeys perched at the top of the trees. The most famous residents of the Park, however, are its leopards. Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project: located 10 kilometers east of Tangalle, is one of Sri Lanka most important sea turtle nesting sites. 5 different species of marine turtles lay their eggs in the sand every night throughout the year. Amanwella recommends visiting in the night of full moon, to better see the arrival of the turtles. Whale watching: A 40-minute drive from the Amangalla and 90 of the Amanwella is Mirissa Harbour, here you can take an Indonesian fishing boat adapted for leisure cruises and set sail to Weligama Bay, where it is known that these giant mammals can be found. Guests can swim and dive from the boat, observe the whales and dolphins, fish and do a picnic in a Cove, an unforgettable experience. (The best time to observe blue whales is between December and April).

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