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Travels to Japan

Japan is an island country that extends along the Pacific coast of North-East Asia. The main island is Honshu, and the other three larger ones are Hokkaido, in the North of the country, Shikoku and Kyushu in the South.

More than 4,000 small islands surrounding these four main. The main islands are connected by a modern transport system, which is part of the Seikan tunnel, the largest railway tunnel in the world, with a length of 54 kilometers. Japanese high speed trains (known as shinkansen, or trenes-bala) linking the main regions of the country.

Approximately 73 percent of Japanese territory is mountainous, and all major cities, except for the ancient capital of Kyoto, are located on a narrow strip of coastal plains. Just 18 per cent of the territory is habitable, so Japanese cities are densely populated cities.

Tourism in Japan begins in Tokyo, the more modern of the metropolis, where the traditions of bygone centuries coexist even with the current urban culture.

Go shopping along the famous shopping district of Ginza, with its shops and markets or if you want to visit the old Japan, take a spin through the neighborhood of Asakusa, where you will find the main monuments of the city such as Sensoji Temple.

In Kyoto you can visit some of the temples and most important shrines in the country. If you are lucky you can find some of the few geishas that are still active. Admire the Majesty of the Mount Fuji, authentic symbol of the country or visit the castle of Osaka, surrounded of thousands of cherry trees that when they flourish endow the landscape a beautiful appearance.

In Nara, you will discover the biggest wooden temple in the world, where you can see a statue of 15 meters high Buddha and at Hiroshima, you can get aal kind of information about the fatal bomb that changed this area forever. If you prefer a more natural environment, from Nagoya you will have the option of an enchanting excursion along the old path of Nakasendo, the ancient medieval route between lush forests linking Tokyo and Kyoto.

Another area of great touristic interest is the village samurai of Magome; Nikkō, distinctive for its shrines and spas; Shirakawago and Tsumago.

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