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Why go on a trip to the Maldives?

We all have dreamt of visiting a paradise on Earth, a place of dreamscape beaches of white sand, turquoise and crystal water, perfect weather and the feeling of being in an alternative reality, where worldly concerns and worries don’t fit. That place exists and it’s the Maldives.

It is practically impossible to get bored in this heavenly place: guided visits, maritime travels, aquatic sports, and spas to relax and to finish the day, a delicious dinner followed by a walk on the pearl beach, with the breeze rocking the palm trees. No matter whom you go with: your couple, your family, friends or by yourself: What Maldives has to offer you it is not anywhere else in the planet.

A trip to the Maldives is the ideal one for the newly married. Nothing better than to share with your couple the miracle of the extraordinary beauty of these islands, full of places that exude romance, as independent villas that rest on the calm sea and offer its immensity as soon as you get out of your rooms. Beaches and areas away from crowded places which added to the impeccable attention you will get will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Hotels in Maldives

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About Maldives: The country of the thousand islands

The Maldives are known as the country of the thousand islands, and it is literally composed of 1192 coral islands. So generous was this material that the oldest houses were built using this natural element, which is now protected. Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the sea of Lakshadweep, they are full of culture and entertainment; they are a small branch of the paradise on the planet, waiting for you with open arms and prepared to offer the best tourist service you can imagine on your trip to the Maldives.

Luxury and opulence are erected as the standard of quality for those who decide to withdraw from the everyday routine and take refuge in this paradise destination, made to please the most demanding of tastes. You’ll find accommodation to suit your needs and budget, from private islands and bungalows that rest peacefully on the sea to comfortable resorts for the whole family. You will also find different options on your trip to the Maldives, from all-inclusive trips to customized tours where you can choose the itinerary that suits you.

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No matter which your choice is the quality of the service will be impeccable. The Maldives are recognized as a tourist place par excellence, its inhabitants are proud of its beauty and do not hesitate to give the best to those who visit them.
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These coral islands are perfect for lovers of marine life, as they are the ideal destination for amateur and professional divers who will enjoy the abundant wildlife that lurks in the turquoise waves.
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Furthermore, the Islands are ideal for surf lovers from March to October, when you can take advantage of the best waves because Maldives are said to have the longest waves in the continent.
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It is impossible not to fall in love with the local gastronomy, which takes advantage of fish and seafood and where coconut and rice are the protagonists; but for less adventurous ones there are many quality restaurants offering excellent international cuisine.
While it is true that the Dhivehi is the official language, in all hotels staff speaks English perfectly and you can find some interpreters of Spanish and Italian, as these were the first to enjoy the attractions of Maldives and are frequent travelers.
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The official religion is Islamic, so it is important to dress decorously when you want to visit any town or mosque. Remember to consume alcoholic beverages only in hotels and accommodation facilities.

You can schedule your trip to the Maldives virtually at any time of the year because the weather is simply perfect, although from June to August there is a heavy rain season. If you plan to travel in the month of December it is of vital importance for you to make the flights reservations and accommodation in advance, because it is a high season and the best hotels of Maldives are likely to be full.