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Travels to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with a great variety of contrasts. For its strategic position in the Indian Ocean, it has been settled by different people since ancient times, it has remains from prehistoric times up to the last colonies of Portuguese, Dutch and English. Being a country close to the equator, the climate is pleasant throughout the year, giving rise to vast forests, protected by the State in the form of parks, which attracts many species of birds and where a wide variety of exotic animals such as as leopards, elephants, turtles and crocodiles inhabit.

All our tours to Sri Lanka are personalized, with the possibility of adding services and choosing different hotels in each area. Furthermore, these tours are carried out in private vehicles with air conditioning, driver and English speaking guide, so you can adjust the intensity of each visit or tour to your convenience. We recommend not requesting tours with a duration of less than 4 nights.

The members of the reservations department have been to all places to visit, so they can solve all the doubts you may have.

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