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Oblu Select Sangeli Maldives Maldives

From opening in July 2018, Oblu Select Sangeli Maldives offers the discerning traveler an uncomplicated Maldivian vacation experience that encompasses everything, since this All Inclusive resort has a wide variety of exquisite villas and independent suites of a “contemporary design” and also consists in a very good selection of restaurants and services. All of this located right in the middle of some of the most exotic places of diving and snorkeling in the entire Malé Atoll and the Maldives.

Sangeli Island is located in the northwest corner of Kaafu Atoll, approximately 17 km east of Helengeli, just 50 minutes by speedboat from Male International Airport. This island is in the middle of a channel that connects the outer ocean with the relatively shallow water inside the atoll.

At the east end of the island, the walkway that gives access to the villas on the water begins, forming a semicircle and connecting at the eastern end with a small and quiet island, One Bannyan, where the Honeymoon rooms are located. Along with restaurants, the Spa and the Only-Adults pool.

Oblu Select Sangeli Maldives also offers a free children’s pool and Kids Club that organizes different activities each day for the youngest and smallest of the house.

Sangeli is home to the brand new Oblu Select Resort, operated by the best hotel company in the Indian Ocean: Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts and is also rapidly positioning itself as a five star resort.

For diving enthusiasts, Oblu Sangeli Maldives offers excellent visibility of the outer reef even during the southwest monsoon season (May to November), months of when the island is exposed to higher currents. The resort as well as offering the outer reef, there’s also an inner lagoon in the center of both islands surrounded by the footbridge of the villas on the water to enjoy. The lagoon itself is home to a wide variety of small species of reef fish throughout the year!

The All Inclusive plan that stands out is, THE SERENITY, which in addition to the island’s main restaurant, includes gastronomic experiences in two restaurants of different specialties: JUST GRILL and SIMPLY VEG, as well as the Minibar in your room is free of charge.

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