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Travels to Myanmar

Although travel to Myanmar is now permitted, due to the continuing instability in the country, our programming in Myanmar is currently on hold until we can guarantee a safe and secure holiday. In the meantime, why not choose a trip to Sri Lanka or India?

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is one of the most unexplored countries in Southeast Asia, many consider it as a jewel that is still to be polished, and this is due to the fact that tourists have only recently been allowed to enter, so that during your trip to Myanmar you can enjoy this majestic country a little less crowded.

It is located between China, Laos and Thailand; to the west you can find India, Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal. The south of the country is bathed by the waters of the Andaman Sea.

When preparing your suitcase to travel to Myanmar, you should bear in mind that the temperatures are very pleasant practically all year round, although you should also know that between March and May the temperatures are considerably higher and that in our summer months it is possible that there will be some precipitation, but that definitely won't prevent you from enjoying your trip.

Feel the great devotion that exists in Yangon by enjoy a beautiful sunrise in Bagan and live the wonderful sensation of peace while taking a relaxing boat ride on the Inle Lake. Trek for those who seek unique routes as is the case of Mount Popa, or even get to know the country thoroughly by the hand of its people; this surely will make you live the purest essence of Myanmar.

All of our tours to Myanmar are private, so we can adapt to the demands of each and every one of our trips.

Enjoy the magic of Myanmar, live the essence of the country of “The Smile” because surely if anything will win you over it will be its people.

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