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Travels to Qatar

Qatar is located on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. This oil-rich country, which was under British protection until 1971, decided not to join the United Arab Emirates.

Qatar has been exporting oil since 1949 and, as its reserves have declined, has focused on natural gas. The North Field, which is roughly half the size of the country, is the world's largest natural gas reserve. The current emir has implemented political reforms, including the right to vote and access to positions for women.

It does not have major tourist attractions, but the luxury and grandeur of its buildings and residential complexes are in themselves a significant draw for a visit to the country.

The Qatari society is also peculiar, with approximately 80% of the population being foreign, and only nationals enjoying a very luxurious and ostentatious lifestyle.

Doha, the capital, is a relatively modern city, dating back to the early 19th century. Its most famous attractions include Doha Pearl, an artificial archipelago where around 15,000 homes are planned, the City Center with its skyscrapers, the waterfront or Corniche, and the Souq Waqif market. Additionally, one can visit other impressive sites such as the Villaggio Mall, with luxury brands, whose interior recreates the canals of Venice and includes an ice skating rink among its attractions.

Outside the city, Barzan Towers, Zubarah Fort, Marroub Fort, and the site of Al Jassasiya, with its mysterious petroglyphs, are the main destinations to visit.

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