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Dhigali Resort Maldives Maldives

Dhigali Resort Maldives is a 5 star resort located in Raa Atoll on the island of its name. It’s 150 km from Maldives International Airport and just 1200m in length with 180 rooms and 6 restaurants.

Dhigali Resort Maldives is a true paradise; It is a beautiful place shaped like a coral key, and is bathed by the most delightful sunlight as well as being surrounded by corals that make it without a doubt, a completely different luxury retreat, it is the island to visit in the Indian Ocean.

The beautiful bungalows and villas that are surrounded by the crystal clear water of the island, together with the reef and amazing depths of the ocean, promise the best views as well as the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

To enter Dhigali Maldives Resort is to escape and live an adventure in an instant, whether on land, deep in the ocean water or snorkeling, endless exciting experiences to discover await you. Always with an innovative, comfortable, natural and wild design together with stunning landscapes and excellent service, the island anticipates your arrival to offer you the very best experience.

With reefs full of life and colour as well as delicate and exotic flora and not forgetting landscapes with the most incredible views, the adventures in Maldives are unlimited, from trips to swim with dolphins and water sports with instructors, to the very best diving on the island.

Holidays on a paradisiacal island in the Maldives also include the opportunity to taste the most  delectable local cuisine, and here at Dhigali Resort is no different, you can taste exotic flavours in restaurants and bars specializing in traditional sea cuisine together with spices typical of the island , as well as international Western and Asian dishes.

Thus, restaurants like Café and Capers to Haali and Battuta offer the very best culinary experiences for all its guests and visitors of Dhigali Maldives, with a different and somewhat peculiar approach, but always delivering the most breathtaking ocean view from anywhere.

As well as visiting such an exotic place you can also enjoy a moment of relaxation and rest, where you can bask in peace and harmony by visiting the Dhigali Spa; an installation in the middle of the island that has twelve modern rooms, different treatments and massages are available as well as manicures and pedicures. The art of yoga and oriental relaxation practices can also be enjoyed, with the sound of the waves as the best musical background.

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