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Summer Island Maldives Maldives

Summer Island Maldives is an island resort located on the North Male Atoll, just 35 km from the Maldives International Airport. When you read Maldives, what comes to mind is a sea of beautiful turquoise colour, calm and warm water where you can bathe without worries. But what’s better than imagining it is to live it!

The beautiful Summer Island Resort Maldives Bungalows are located on the beach or on the crystal clear waters of its lagoon. Here you will feel the relaxing rocking of the waves that give you a unique feeling of rest. They also have Wi-Fi so you do not have to lose connection with your loved ones during your holidays here in the Maldives.

Summer Island Maldives offers numerous activities that go from sailing in a Dhoni (a typical Maldivian boat) at dusk, to living diving experiences under the clear and warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the most beautiful fish, coral and other species reside. Amazing species that you can discover while diving in this world full of life.

Treat yourself to a morning spa at Summer Island Resort, which features professional masseurs who will relax your body and mind with Ayurvedic treatments or simply choose to read a book in the library or at the resort facilities while enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

Connect with nature and tranquility at this North Male Atoll resort, recognized worldwide in 2018 with the “South Asia’s Leading Beach Resort” and “Maldives’ Leading Beach Resort” (SATA) awards. Summer Island Maldives has also contributed to the reduction of environmental pollution by using solar panels that help collect energy used for heaters and other electrical appliances on the island.

Its proximity to the capital of the Maldives offers excursions that allows its guests to visit the Maldives capital Malé. Where you can meet their friendly people and stroll through their main markets where you will also find a variety of fruits, ingredients and fresh foods. You will find that Malé for being the capital, has the best commercial area, where you will find various local merchandise that you can take as a souvenir of your vacations.

Their qualified reception staff speak English perfectly and they are available 24 hours a day to make your stay unforgettable. Summer Island Resort Maldives offers its guests a multitude of activities, highlighting the fishing and snorkeling excursions, as well as the experience of enjoying a glass of champagne on a deserted sandbar. In addition, on this island you can practice multiple different sports such as ping pong, volleyball, soccer and badminton.

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