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Samode Haveli Jaipur India

Samode Haveli Jaipur is a 4 star luxury hotel. A true oasis located in the surroundings of the historic walled city of Jaipur, in northern India.

Samode Haveli is a palace built in the traditional Indian style that has a lush garden with apartments arranged around a series of interior courtyards. Built more than 2 centuries ago as the residence for the rulers of Samode, it is still occupied by the descendants who have turned it into an extraordinary luxury hotel.

The foundation of Samode Haveli is situated more than 230 years ago, when it was built by the Rawals of Samode. Since its construction, Haveli has been the home of the rulers of Samode who made, throughout the centuries, many additions and changes to the original structure.

Built across many levels around a series of chowks (traditional Indian courtyards), the Samode Haveli Jaipur, is an authentic Indo-Saracen royal residence, which will give you the opportunity to live like a maharajah!

The old royal apartments today are luxury rooms and suites, each with its distinctive character that reflects the rich history and culture of Samode. The rooms retain the luxury of the past but at the same time offers its guests all the comforts of the modern world. The private patios and balconies of the rooms overlook the pools, enchanted fountains and the beautiful gardens of ancient Haveli.

The Samode Haveli Jaipur also offers the best cuisine in the area, you can choose whether to taste the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan or international flavours. Then you could also relax savouring an afternoon tea on the quiet terrace of the hotel.

Samode Halaveli Jaipur also offers entertainment and various recreational options for all tastes: you can relax and rejuvenate in the hotel Spa, or work out in the gym, even take a dip in the pool or just go for an invigorating walk in the ancient city of Jaipur.

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