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Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago has 13 islands, one of which is the private island of Félicité where the Six Senses Zil Pasyon is located. A wonder built on a paradise between the huge granite rocks and the coral beaches with its impressive beauty.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon has thirty villas with pools, created with your comfort in mind, where you can also find: a dining area, living area, flat screen TV with satellite channels, refrigerator, coffee maker, a large private bathroom with a bathtub and more.

Six Senses Seychelles offers you a unique opportunity, whether its spending a private holiday with your partner or a fun trip with your family, because of its location on an island where summer is permanent with pleasant temperatures all year round.

Its villas, built on granite rocks, give us an impressive view that you can admire every morning when you wake up, a true paradise where you can view the island from end to end without losing any detail, aswell as its natural landscapes and the spectacular sunrises which are the first gift of the day from this marvelous island.

The facilities of Six Senses Zil Pasyon are spacious, perfect for an interesting journey such as walking on hanging bridges, crossing gardens where you will admire part of the flora and fauna that the nature of the island Félicité gifts to your eyes.

Your dining experience will be memorable in the restaurants of Six Senses Zil Pasyon. During the arrival of Chinese, Africans, English and Indians on the shores of Félicité Island in previous centuries, they managed to leave their mark on the gastronomy of the island through the exchange of basic foods and cooking techniques that have now become part of the gastronomic culture of the island and of course the restaurants of Six Senses Zil Pasyon Félicité, offering you a large number of dishes in typical cuisine of the Seychelles archipelago, the interpretation of island food, and of course the inevitable high quality international food.

You will be able to live magical moments in the sea, where you can swim with turtles, practice snorkeling, diving and water sports. There’s also recreational activities on the beach suitable for all ages that satisfy even the most demanding of tastes, because they are all designed to make your day something worth.to tell, but above all you can discover and enjoy the wonderful nature of the island.

Activities such as: “the treasure hunt” where you will have to climb the rocks to reach the sea make your holiday in Seychelles more than fun but also relaxing. A whole different world and healthy enjoyment awaits you on the island Félicité.

It is also imperative to emphasize the privacy and isolation that this island offers you to make all your experiences memorable there. It is an ideal and perfect choice to make as your next destination.

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