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Wonderful Beach Oasis | W Maldives

Escape to a tropical luxury and enjoy the sun of the Maldives on the sun terrace, or get out to your private stretch of the white sand beach.

Get comfortable on the circular sleeper sofa that seems to float above the small private plunge pool. Enter. The transition to your urban oasis is perfect. The range of red with patterns of coral and jellyfish is complemented by the spectacular bright lamps made with ropes designed by Christian Haas. Get comfortable on a handmade red hammock with recycled material from the less favoured communities of Nicaragua. Dream in the exclusive king size W bed.

Bathe under the stars or the clear blue sky in the open-ceiling bathroom area, which features a separate bathtub and a rainfall shower. Who wants to play? A 42-inch plasma-screen TV and a Bose® sound system provide the entertainment options. Lounge on the private deck with thatched veranda and thatched roof and enjoy uninterrupted views of the beach and the sea. Relax and soak in your daybed made to measure.

Light the grill and prepare tasty treats. Then relax with a glass of wine from the wine cooler. A Wonderful Beach Oasis with a king size bed can communicate with a Wonderful Beach Oasis with a single bed, separated by locked doors.

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