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Diving center

Constance Ephélia offers, under the supervision of professional monitors, the possibility of diving and knowing the nature of Seychelles waters.

The immersion excursions are:

  • Trois Bank – 23 meters of immersion
    It is 5 miles from Constance Ephélia, an ideal place for the most eclectic experience in diving.
    You can dive between the granite rock and the coral formations, where gray sharks, octopus, striped rays, barracudas and a multitude of fish live.
    The visibility is excellent throughout the year submerged at 20-30 meters.
  • Dredger Wreck
    Located 1 mile from Bel Ombre, 20 minutes by boat from Constance Ephélia.
    It is the ideal place for diving in the open sea.
    It is a place with an immersion of 15 meters where you can explore catfish, scorpion fish and numerous species of fish typical in the waters of Seychelles.