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The Bar and Cellar | Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi has earned global recognition for its unique selection of wines available on this small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Next to the “Sense by the Beach Restaurant”, the underground cellar accommodates up to seven thousand bottles with climate-controlled.-Store: With 20 minutes notice open the winery so they choose the bottle with the help of a Sommelier. Chosen the wine, they are responsible for serving anywhere on the island.-Wine tasting: every day at 18:30, except on Tuesdays and Saturdays (a minimum of six people and with reservation the previous day). Six wines will be tasted along with an assortment of Amuse Bouche around the tasting with a Sommelier-dinner table: every day, for a minimum of four persons from 19:00 hrs (confirm reservation the previous day).

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