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Udawalawe – Ella

In the early morning, we will board the 4×4 jeeps to enjoy a safari through the Udawalawe National Park, from where we will be able to catch sight of different captivating species such as elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and crocodiles.

The Udawalawe National Park with more than 230,000 hectares is one of the largest on the island. Famous for its large elephant colony made up of more than 500 specimens that live freely while accompanied by buffalo, deer, wild boar, crocodiles, as well as various birds and up to 30 different species of snakes together with many more fascinating creatures.

When we finish, we will head on towards Ella, a picturesque town located between jungle hills meandered by waterfalls together with tea plantations where we will enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the island. Upon arrival, we will do a light trekking on Little Adam’s Peak (45 mins approx), from where we can observe some of the highest points in the area such as Ella Rock. On the way down, we will approach the Nine Arch Bridge, the symbol of the English colonial heritage. With great luck, we will coincide with the arrival of a train, achieving one of the most instantaneous demands of Sri Lanka.

***Optional activity: Mega Zip-line in Ravana*** (not included in the price, consult your Travel Planner for details).

Enjoy a unique trip more than 80 meters high. During this 500m trip you will be able to observe, from the heights, the particular landscape of this area known as the Highlands.

Arrival at the hotel, dinner and rest at the hotel.

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