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Private desert excursion

Discover the extraordinary desert landscape where sand dunes spill into the blue waters of the Inland Sea. Skilled drivers will take you on an adventure through the spectacular sand dunes to Khor Al Adaid, a large tidal bay recognised for its extraordinary natural heritage value.

After being picked up from your hotel, we will drive approximately 1 hour to the entrance of the desert at Sealine. Here we will make a short stop to deflate the tyres.

From here, the adventure begins with our off-road tour through the spectacular sand dunes. Your experienced driver will navigate through the dunes until you reach Khor-Al-Adaid, or the inland sea. You will have the opportunity to take in the magnificent desert landscape, visit the imposing Sheraton Dune and marvel at the azure waters of the Arabian Sea before departing for a short comfort stop at a desert camp on the way back to Doha.

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