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Katsuura – Ise – Osaka (Mikatour)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer is on your own to Katsuura by ferry and also the one to the train station to board the train. Departure from Kii-Katsuura to Matsusaka on the JR “Nanki” express-limited train without a guide. Arrival in Matsusaka and meeting with the English speaking guide.

Departure from Matsusaka to Uji-Yamada on a local train (unreserved) from Kintetsu with the guide. Arrival to Uji-Yamada and start of the visit to the Shinto Shrine in Ise and the traditional district of Okage Yokocho on public transport. After the visit, return to the train station of Uji-Yamada.

Departure from Uji-Yamada to Osaka (Uehonmachi) on the Kintetsu express-limited train with a guide. Arrival in Osaka (Uehonmachi) and transfer to the hotel through a guided tour.

The Tour continues with the Japan Mikatour -9 Nights-

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