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Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama) – Takamatsu

Your bags will be transferred to the hotel in Kyoto in a courier service and will arrive the next day. Please prepare just a hand luggage for 1 night and not your bags in Takamatsu.

Breakfast at the hotel, meeting in the lobby and the tour to Dogo Onsen begins, the place is known for being one of the oldest onsen in Japan, and then we´ll see the Matsuyama Castle (accessible by cable car).

After the visit, departure from Matsuyama to Takamatsu. On the way to Takamatsu, we will visit the Yoshima parking area located in the middle of the Seto-Ohashi bridge that connects Honshu and Shikoku. It is the perfect place to explore the view of the islands and the Seto-Ohashi Bridge.

Lunch in a restaurant.

Tour to the Edo Ritsurin Park, considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan. In it we can find the Kikugetsu-ei, a tea house where we will taste a green tea with a sweet.

Overnight at the hotel near Takamatsu Station for 1 night.

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