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Dinner with show at Tiki Village

Tiki Village is the largest “theatre” in Polynesia. Historical events together with great dance and traditional music shows are represented here. The tour begins with a visit to the village of artisans, whom you are able to meet while working from their offices. The village has a reproduction of the original house of the post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, as well as some prints of his works. Then, guests will be able to get to know the traditional Polynesian oven “ahima’a”, at the banquet where fish, meat and fruits will be tasted.

Dinner is a buffet with different hot and cold local dishes where you will taste the very best of traditional Polynesian cuisine. While guests have dinner, they can appreciate a show with live music animation. At the end of dinner, you will then go to the “theatre” where the great dance show of the local troupe (the biggest stable cast in all of Polynesia) is presented. Undoubtedly a truly unique show!

Duration: 6 hours

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